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Budport’s competitive advantage comes not only from its quick decision-making processes and high service standards without compromises on safety and quality, but also from its innovative and creative thinking, which sets us apart most of all from our competitors.

Budport’s handling business currently provides passenger and ramp handling at BUD, and served in excess of 1.5 million passengers in 2016, 2017. Budport is the only player at BUD to represent the new-generation, cost-effective ground handling model, as an independent provider with the best KPIs and service quality.

With our pool of excellent, highly dedicated professionals, we are continuously working to make our ground handling processes even more efficient, and to shorten the turnaround time of the flights handled by us.

In addition to Budport’s professional approach, it is important to highlight our unique commercial approach, whereby we are able to maximize ancillary revenue, which is so indispensably important nowadays for airlines. Thanks to our self-developed iOS application, we are able to document the entire airport surcharge payment process in a verifiable manner, thus making it much easier to handle passenger complaints.

If you would like your carrier’s flights and passengers to receive the best service quality at BUD, contact us by email at You will receive a reply from us within 12 hours of sending your enquiry.

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