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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are Budport's ticketing offices located?

Budport’s airline ticket sales offices are available on the departure level of Terminals 2A and 2B at Budapest Airport.

BUDPORT TICKETING 2A: Located in the central section of Terminal 2A, between the two main entrances.

BUDPORT TICKETING 2B: Located in the central section of Terminal 2B, between the two main entrances.

What are the opening hours of Budport's ticketing offices?

BUDPORT airline ticket sales offices are open to customers 365 days a year, during the following business hours:

Is it possible to make an airline booking by telephone?

Unfortunately it is not possible to make airline bookings by telephone through our ticketing offices.

What forms of payment are available at Budport's ticketing offices?

The following forms of payment are available:
– Cash (in HUF, EUR, GBP, USD)
– Bank card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, AmEx)

What are the contact details of Budport's ticketing offices?

Telephone: + 36 1 296 8771

Telephone: + 36 1 296 8767

What is the process if I would like to make an airline booking for a group?

If you would like to book for a group, first of all please send us BUDPORT’s group booking form, completed. Our colleagues will request offers from the system, and will send you a detailed offer, including all important information relating to the booking. We provide individual terms for group bookings, depending on the number of persons in the group.

I would like to change the airline booking purchased at Budport's ticketing office. What should I do?

Please contact us by telephone or e-mail, referencing the order number or invoice number received during the purchase of your booking. Our colleagues will inform you in detail whether your booking can be changed or not, and if so, under what conditions.

What kind of travel documents can I travel with?

Before you travel, please collect information on what type of travel document, entry permit or visa is required for you to enter your country of destination. Airlines’ terms and conditions of carriage clearly state that procuring a valid travel document, entry permit or visa is the responsibility of the passenger. If you do not have a valid travel document, entry permit or visa with you, the airline may refuse to carry you.

Does Budport perform the administration of documentation required for the carriage of live animals.

Yes, our colleagues can forward such requests to the airlines, taking into account their terms and conditions. However, the lead time for this could be several days, so it is worth requesting this process in good time before your flight.

Do minors and pensioners receive discounts on airline bookings?

This is possible if the terms and conditions of the airline in question enable this, but in most cases, airlines do not provide discounts to senior citizens.

Does Budport perform visa administration at it's ticketing offices?

Yes, we are able to issue American ESTA and Canadian ETA entry permits at our offices.


Attention! Since each airline’s terms and conditions of carriage are different, passengers are advised to seek information primarily from the website or customer service of their carrier about any question they may have.

What do I have to do if I already have a boarding pass prepared at home and I do not have checked baggage?

If you do not have checked baggage and your boarding pass is printed or saved in your mobile phone via the mobile application, then after passing through the airport security check, you may go directly to the gate for boarding.

My maiden or former name is featured in my airline booking, but my personal I.D. card already contains my new name. Will I be able to fly like this?

In such cases, please contact BUDPORT’s ticketing offices. Our colleagues will make the necessary name change for you.


What are the contact details of Budport's lost luggage office?

Budport’s Lost Luggage Office is located on the arrivals level of Terminal 2B, near the baggage carousels.

Contact information:
Telephone: + 36 1 296 8797 (from 9:30 to 11:30)
Mobile: + 36 30 448 1726 (from 8:00 to 16:00)

What should I do if my bag is damaged or does not arrive?

If you find your bag damaged upon arrival, or it does not arrive at all, please indicate this to our colleagues at Budport’s Lost Luggage Office before leaving the airport.

In case your bag is damaged, the claim for compensation must be made directly to the airline (, for which you will need the protocol drafted at the Lost Luggage Office, your boarding pass, the bag tag and a photograph of the damage.

If you have luggage insurance, please also contact your insurance company, with the documents required to submit the compensation claim.

If my baggage missed my flight, when can I expect it to arrive?

If your baggage is delayed, it usually arrives the next day. You can track the administration of your baggage online on the home page section of our website if you enter your name and the number of your delayed baggage protocol. For more information, please contact our colleagues dealing with lost luggage, using one of these contacts:

Telephone: + 36 1 296 8797 (from 9:30 to 11:30)
Mobile: + 36 30 448 1726 (from 8:00 to 16:00)

If my baggage is delayed, how do I get it or take it over?

If your baggage is delayed, you can request to have it delivered to the address of your choice, or you can collect it in person at the airport. When your baggage arrives, our colleagues will notify you, using the contacts you have provided. In case of delivery, the courier will also contact you 1-2 hours prior to expected delivery, to ensure that it is successful.

- You can collect your baggage at the airport every day between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., at a pre-agreed time, - Deliveries are made on the day of arrival to addresses in Pest County and in the morning of the next day outside of Pest County, - If delivery is requested to an address outside of Hungary, our company performs this by air. In this case, delivery is the competence of the local receiving airport; please contact them in connection with delivery or the time of personal collection. Delivery to a foreign address usually takes 1-2 days, depending on the airline schedule.

Where can I contact the representatives of Ukraine International Airlines if I have additional questions in connection with damaged or delayed baggage?

You can contact the airline by email at

+36 1 296 8767 Phone